February 12, 2003
Watch Out, Guys -- They're Comparing Notes

Anyone out there who’s single (like your humble editor) knows that the dating scene in most places isn’t like anything depicted on Sex and the City. In many ways the connective fabric that used to hook people together has broken down; there just aren’t the social institutions to take advantage of that there once were.

There are, of course, many many many Web sites that have attempted to make a buck remedying that situation, mostly by adopting the traditional personal ad to the Web. A new site, however, is taking a different approach. GreatBoyfriends.com tackles the problem from the opposite direction: instead of men recommending themselves to women, it features women recommending single men to each other. The idea seems to be that nobody knows what women want better than another woman.

Will it work? Hey, don’t ask me — I’m a guy :-) But pair it up with some kind of reliable community moderation system and I could see something like this holding a lot of promise. [Seen on Smart Mobs]

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at February 12, 2003
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