July 07, 2003
The Sixth Estate?

Microdoc News has a good piece up today on how the continuing growth of microjournalism is creating an emerging “Sixth Estate”.

The emerging sixth estate is worldwide and at present has about 3 million people participating. The sixth estate has power to modify core content in search engines, incluence formation of opinion, publicize the plight of individuals, and be critical of governmental and other power centers. While one blogger can be closed down, it would be indeed difficult to close down the blogosphere. And because of the way the ecosystem works, if a single blogger was closed down, the blogosphere would take up the story, particularly if the action was taken by a government to the detriment of an individual.

Not much here that wasn’t already covered by the “Second Superpower” meme but it’s good to see it getting traction nonetheless.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at July 07, 2003
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