July 23, 2003
Boston Globe Takes Note of the Blogosphere

Well, well, well — looks like Joanna Weiss at the Boston Globe gets it:

[T]he most fervent blog proponents have been talking like apostles. Blogs, they predict, are harbingers of a new, interactive culture that will change the way democracy works, turning voters into active participants rather than passive consumers, limiting the traditional media’s role as gatekeeper, and giving the rank-and-file voter unparalleled influence.

Jock Gill, 58, a new-media consultant from Medford who is working for Dean and ran a fledgling e-mail campaign for Bill Clinton in 1992, said: ”This is just the tip of the change. We’re never going back to broadcast politics.”

This was a Page 1 story in the Globe, so apparently her editors get it too! [Seen on John Robb’s Weblog]

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at July 23, 2003

This is definitely the story of the 2003-04 election season. I think the near-term implication is that the washington press corps & commentariat will have WAY less influence on the political discourse since people are now starting to DIY their own political commentary.

Posted by: chad on July 23, 2003 6:56 PM
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