July 30, 2003
RedPaper: A Market for Micropublishing

Wired News is running a good story about RedPaper, a kind of online market that allows authors to accept micropayments for their work. Pieces can be anything from original fiction and poetry to more prosaic stuff — one enterprising fellow is selling copies of the court documents from the Kobe Bryant case for $2 a pop, which may seem steep for public information until you find out that the only other way to get them is to go to the courthouse in Colorado and pick them up yourself. Authors get 94.75% of the cost of each item; the rest goes back to RedPaper to cover processing fees. This is a new idea in a sector (micropayment-driven services) that hasn’t seen many successes to date, but it’s got the backing of Adobe, so someone’s got some confidence in it.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at July 30, 2003
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