August 02, 2003
TypePad Launches Monday

Looks like SixApart isn’t sitting idly as AOL Journals launches — they’ve announced that their own hosted blog service, TypePad, will be open for business as of Monday, August 4. Pricing plans range from $4.95/month for basic service to $14.95/month for the full-out advanced service (there’s a nice chart detailing the differences in features between the plans), and every plan has a 30-day free trial available. Those prices are pretty reasonable — if all you want to do is blog, it’s hard to recommend doing your own hosting when you can get a turnkey service inexpensively. Of course, that assumes that (a) the TypePad software is as nice as Movable Type is, and (b) TypePad hosting is reliable and stable (the eternal bugaboo of hosted services). We’ll have to wait for a while before the verdict is in on those questions.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at August 02, 2003
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