August 26, 2003
Yet Another Open-Source Project Funding Idea: Affinity Cards

I appear to be on a roll on this subject this week…

As long as we’re thinking about ways to generate money for OSS projects, here’s one I’ve never heard floated before:

Affinity cards.

Affinity cards are credit cards that donate a small percentage of each transaction to a charitable cause. Though the amounts in question are usually small, affinity cards are popular with consumers because they allow them to publicly display their support for a cause or organization each time they go shopping.

If the interest rate was decent, I could be talked into carrying a Mozilla Foundation credit card, and I bet a lot of other folks could too…

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at August 26, 2003

Is this hard to do? Are there banks that let you offer "design your own" affinity cards? (feel free to email me)

Posted by: Robert Douglass on June 29, 2004 8:35 AM
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