September 29, 2003
Clark Catches the Cluetrain

Well, it looks like Wes Clark’s campaign may not be as clue-impaired as I thought — they’ve gotten around to launching an official campaign blog entitled Generally Speaking that covers the bases pretty well, including lots of links to Meetups and groups providing grassroots support.

Of special note are a couple of members of the Clark Blog Team. First is Cameron Barrett, whose pioneering blog CamWorld, launched waaaay back in 1997 (yes, 1997), played a big part in helping shape people’s notions of what exactly “blogging” was all about. Cam is a true trailblazer in this stuff and it should be interesting to see what directions he takes Clark’s Web efforts. They’ve also managed to bring John Hlinko, founder of, into the tent — he’s one of the grassroots leaders who was prominently featured as having been stomped on in the original American Prospect story that started the whole Clark-burns-his-grassroots brouhaha, so one imagines there’s been a good bit of fence-mending going on over the last few days. I personally believe it was 100% due to my coverage here on AEV. Hey, you got a better explanation?

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at September 29, 2003
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