October 23, 2003
The "All-In-One, Super-Duper, Deluxe Everything Reporting Machine"

Over at BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis has a great example of how the rise of ubiquitous moblogging devices, especially cameraphones like the Handspring Treo 600, are going to enable a new kind of reporting: on the spot coverage by citizens of events and circumstances that would previously have been too fleeting for a reporter to get to. When everyone has a connected camera and keypad, everyone has a device that lets them publish anytime, anywhere — which is definitely something new whether it strikes you as a bold new direction for journalism in the vein of OhMyNews, or as a kind of 21st Century Panopticon. [Thanks to Sandy Smith for sending the link.]

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at October 23, 2003
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