November 06, 2003
Syndication + Government = Good Stuff

This is interesting — here’s a site I found when I got a TrackBack ping from them to a story I wrote a while back. RSS in Government is a blog that follows ways that RSS syndication technology is being used at all levels of government, from Federal to local. What a great idea! I’ve added them to the AEV blogroll.

I can think of at least two places off the top of my head where government could apply RSS easily and effectively:

  • Thomas — Thomas is an invaluable service from the Library of Congress that lets you look up the status of any bill in Congress via a Web site. There’d be a lot of folks here in DC who would go nuts with joy if Thomas added an RSS feed to every bill, so you could follow the progress of that bill in your news aggregator.
  • The Federal Register — this is the publication where all proposed rules that come out of the Federal bureaucracy are published for comment. Again, it would be veeeeery useful for people to be able to subscribe to slices of its content (by subject matter? by agency? get creative!), and follow things that way.

So there’s two good ideas from me to Uncle Sam, free of charge. I fully expect a discount on my income taxes in return :-)

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at November 06, 2003
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