December 10, 2003
A Note From Yours Truly

It occurs to me that I should say something in this space about my new job.

Last Friday was my last day as a consultant with Forum One Communications. This week, I joined the staff of Oceana as their manager for online marketing and publications. My role there, among other things, is to help them figure out how to build an advocacy organization that truly makes the most of the Net, rather than just re-purposing old ways of doing business in electronic format like everyone else is doing.

This is a very exciting opportunity for me to put into practice a lot of the things I’ve been writing about here on AEV. We’re going to be rolling out some truly cool stuff at Oceana in the near future, so keep an eye on us.

You may wonder how this affects the future of AEV. The short answer is that, for now, it doesn’t. Naturally, I’m not going to be able to tell you everything that’s going on “behind the scenes” at Oceana, since we’ll want to keep some things to ourselves (at least until we unveil them to the world). Also, when it comes to stuff that’s specific to my work with Oceana, this isn’t really the right forum — you’ll be able to keep up with stuff like that in a more appropriate venue Real Soon Now. However, since I’m now getting paid to think and work directly on issues that are of interest to AEV readers, I anticipate that there will be lots of good generalized stuff that I will be able to share through this forum; so, for now, I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing. (Hopefully at an increased pace — sorry for the slow posting recently, I’ve been preoccupied with working out the details of the job change.)

The big take-away from all this, though, is that I can testify to you that, when it comes to the revolution that’s happening right now in the world of political communications, Oceana gets it. I wouldn’t be coming on board if they didn’t. And now that I’m there, I’m aiming to push the throttle as far as it can go and really show the world the potential of social software and Cluetrain-enabled thinking. It’s too early to know what the result will be, but I can say for sure that it ought to be an interesting ride!

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at December 10, 2003
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