January 26, 2004
Scoble Pushes Back on Dean Blogging

Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s blogger-in-residence, has posted an insightful essay on how the Dean blog is missing the point of blogging.

I like Dean, but I think Scoble’s pretty much right on this one — BlogForAmerica does use the weblog form, but it’s missing the basic element of transparency that makes the best blogs so compelling. I had hoped to see some insight on the blog into what happened in Iowa, but none was forthcoming — just the standard “comeback kid” spin.

What makes this all doubly ironic is that, when you hear Dean and his campaign people speak in other media, they come across as very blog-like — warm, human, unafraid of reflection and self-criticism. So why isn’t their blog team picking up on this? It’s too bad that they haven’t.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at January 26, 2004
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