March 22, 2004

If you’re used to paying vendors like GetActive and Capitol Advantage tens of thousands of dollars a year for e-advocacy tools, this should be of interest to you — is a new non-profit offering its own suite of similar tools at a much more appealing price: free. Well, free if you are managing a mailing list of 10,000 or fewer members; but if it’s more than that the costs only go up to a couple hundred bucks a month, which is still much lower than anyone else’s price. The tools probably aren’t as polished, but considering that the low price opens them to a whole range of groups that could never afford access to such tools before, that hardly matters, does it? Plus they have incorporated some nice touches, like campaign blogs, that none of the other vendors have yet.

These folks are worth keeping an eye on.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at March 22, 2004
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