December 05, 2004
MSNBC Seeks "Citizen Journalists"

Joe Trippi is looking for some volunteers to be “citizen journalists” for MSNBC:

We will put most of the stories you file up on our Citizen Journalist Blog, and take the best reports and talk about them on the air. I said many times that MSNBC has a great team of reporters trying to keep you informed — but they canā??t be where you areā?? and they canā??t see the things you see.

Here’s the MSNBC Citizen Journalists blog, if you want to see what people have contributed so far.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at December 05, 2004

I am a out of work manual machinist that has been out of work for three years. I am said to see all the manufacturing jobs leave this country. I have always worked none union and I was always a hard worker trying to better my future. I was trying to become a tool and die maker, but I relies that will never happen. I enrolled in Vatterott College in Heating and air conditioning. The class costs over twenty thousand dollers for forteen mouths of schooling. My bigest problem with this is the tools I had to purchuse to go there. Most of the tools are made in China. If I had know this when I signed up I would have choosen to go some where else. Someone needs to stop the disstruction of American companys and you would think a trade school would support thier own students.

Please help
Kevin Murray

Posted by: Kevin Murray on January 4, 2005 11:11 PM
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