June 14, 2005
Amen, Brother

From Firefox developer Blake Ross, some words on the state of software:

Iā??m not trying to be stubborn or difficult. Iā??m just disgusted by the status quo. Iā??m disgusted by what the average person has to deal with on a day-to-day basis, and I canā??t imagine a more irresponsible way to spend my time than to sit around pontificating on how else we can widen the gap between the people who actually understand computers, and everybody else.

Hereā??s what I mean: put a digital picture and an instant message window side by side and ask Mom to share the picture. Even though the windows are approximately five pixels apart, sharing them is about as intuitive as a W2 form. Itā??s actually easier to share a picture sitting on a server in China than it is to share your own stuff. And you want me to gush about podcasting?

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at June 14, 2005
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