September 12, 2005
Yahoo Presents: Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone

This is interesting… Yahoo is sponsoring what looks set to be a very interesting microjournalism project.

Yahoo News Presents: Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone

As one of the world’s most respected war correspondents, Kevin Sites has spent the past five years covering global war and disaster for several national networks. On September 26, veteran war correspondent Kevin Sites will embark on a year-long journey as a solo journalist to cover every armed conflict in the world…

Veteran war correspondent Kevin Sites will travel solo to these conflict zones, aided by a U.S.-based “mission control” team: Producer Robert Padavick (NBC News, CNN) and Researcher Lisa Liu (Radio Free Asia, International Medical Corps).

Using the latest technology, including high-definition digital cameras and satellite modems, Kevin will deliver stories via a five-fingered multimedia platform of text, photography, video, audio, and interactive chat - all available on one website (

I’ve been a fan of Sites’ “solo journalism” from Iraq and Afghanistan for a few years now, so this is very cool indeed. If you don’t know who he is — remember that flap when TV footage showed up of the Marine shooting the wounded guy in the mosque in Iraq last year? Sites is the one who shot that footage.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at September 12, 2005

Am developing a play based on two warring faction could it be of value to this kevins site

Posted by: kevine omndi on January 13, 2006 4:44 AM

dear kevin,
im an eager girl about take news from iraq too fact i have a friend who is in iraq right now he is in army , so i would love to meet him because i cant travel to another country and he cant fact i didnt find any way to meet him i know that is funny for you just i wanted to test my chance .i thought if u go to iraq to take news may be you will help me about it and i can help you to take news too.

thanks alot,

Posted by: RAHELEH on April 27, 2006 4:44 PM

I just wanted to say that I am amazed at the amount of people in our very oun country, ( God Bless The U.S.A. ) who are not informed enough on current world events. It bothers me. As an American, and more importantly a Human, and a child under God, I have come to want and to understand, and as well follow the current events of our VERY explosive world. Through Kevin's recorded life experiences, I have come to recognize a larger, more volital word than just the Blessed United States of America. My girlfriend Cristina and I watch some portion of Kevin's "Hot Zones" every evening. I look forword to it every day on the drive home. I just love how much more down to Earth and vivid his stories are. Because of the emense amount of responsibility Kevin takes on with every story he posts, Cristina and I wanted to help, and in some way or fashion, to finance certain portions of expeditions or stories that may be hard to recieve funding for. To be honest, I really don't know what I am doing, however Cristina, my beautifull girlfriend of 2 years, turned me on to Kevin's stories. I have been hooked ever since. I am really interested in donating in the very near future, and I really just want my hard earned assets to go to the best use and profit of the American people, and all those AROUND THE WORLD who could benefit from anything I can provide.

Again, I have no Idea as too WHAT I am talking about, however it is my belief that if someone trully wants to help another person, the person who needs the help will feel that cand appriciate it.


Posted by: Jason Wardlow on May 20, 2006 3:37 AM
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