August 21, 2003
Taking the "Journalism" Part of Microjournalism Seriously

Talk about developments from out of left field…

Ben Hammersley, the writer, developer (he maintains the LazyWeb service I’ve written about here before), and RSS god (he was part of the team that wrote the RSS 1.0 spec, and he wrote the book on the subject) , has announced on his blog that he is picking up stakes and traveling to Afghanistan to do some real, honest-to-God journalism:

I figure it’s about the time this nano-publishing journalism-of-the-future meme started to get off its collective bottom. So I’m off to Afghanistan for your education and pleasure. I fly to Islamabad tomorrow, and from there by train or bus to Peshawar. On Saturday I’ll be crossing the Khyber Pass and making my way to Kabul. All being well, technology and men-with-guns willing, I’ll be posting from every stop, and weblogging from Afghanistan for ten days or so. Movable Type meets Mujahedeen. It’s going to be fun.

Wow! This ought to be interesting. Safe travels, Ben! [Seen on Boing Boing]

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at August 21, 2003
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