August 22, 2003
Another Demonstration of the Power of Microfinance

As if we needed more proof to know the potential of microfinance, here it is. has launched a campaign to fund the airing of commercials on TV in Texas supporting the Democratic state senators who have bolted to New Mexico to block an attempt by Republican leaders to force another round of redistricting. The campaign has only been live for one week, and it’s already raised more than $650,000 — almost two thirds of its goal. That’s a spectacular showing no matter how you slice it.

Progressive blogger Joshua Micah Marshall (whose site pointed me to this story) writes of the success of the campaign that:

More broadly, though, it shows that Internet-based, progressive, small-donor fundraising and political organizing has really come of age. The Dean campaign has blazed the trail. But the phenomenon transcends any single candidate or issue.

Clearly Josh doesn’t read Ant’s Eye View, or he’d already have known that :-)

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at August 22, 2003
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