August 22, 2003
Another Microfinance Success Story Unfolding

After this morning’s note about the speed with which was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars by applying microfinancial thinking, here’s a similar story that’s been unfolding just today…

Yesterday, in Portland, Oregon, President Bush hosted a fund-raising dinner for his re-election campaign. He raked in $1,000,000 from the attendees — at one dinner. This is traditional political fund-raising at its finest.

In response, Howard Dean’s campaign called to its grassroots to demonstrate their commitment by matching that total — to raise $1,000,000 — by the end of Dean’s ongoing “Sleepless Summer Tour”, which finishes next Tuesday, August 26.

That call went out this morning. As of 3:00 PM Eastern time today, they have raised $205,366.12 from 3,819 contributors. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars — more than 20% of their target — pulled in within six hours of the call going out.

Anyone whose mission includes raising money should be paying close attention. We live in very interesting times!

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at August 22, 2003
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