September 23, 2003
Blogs As KM Tools: The Lucent Experience

Michael Angeles, Information Specialist at Lucent Technologies, has made available for download a very informative set of slides he’s prepared discussing Lucent’s experience integrating Weblogs into their overall intranet/knowledge-management system. He gives a walk-through of relevant products and technologies, and highlights the benefits from the corporate perspective of integrating such tools into an overall KM strategy: namely, an increase in casual knowledge-gathering, an improvement in knowledge-based social networking, and opportunities for people to “free ride” off the previously captured work of others rather than having to reinvent the wheel every time. This is a very useful place to start for anyone who’s wondering how to apply blog tools to smaller, “behind-the-firewall” communities. [Seen on Seb’s Open Research]

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at September 23, 2003
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