September 25, 2003
Wesley Clark Making Stand For Macropolitics?

This is interesting — there are some rumblings out there that newly announced Democratic Presidential candidate General Wesley Clark may be looking to position himself as the polar opposite of Howard Dean, whose campaign has become the best example to date of what I’ve been calling “micropolitics”. One well-informed Democratic blog, the Daily Kos, is reporting that Clark is going so far as to even dismantle the online grassroots organizations that spontaneously sprang up when he first started exploring a run, in favor of a more centralized campaign run by experienced political operatives.

If that’s true, it’s pretty remarkable. I’ve been watching this space for over a year now, and I’ve been preaching the virtues of micropolitics for longer than that. In the last six months I’ve seen this set of ideas go from something nobody — and I mean nobody — bought into something highly buzzworthy. If you had said a year ago that a campaign blog would be emerge as a highly visible part of a Presidential candidate’s media strategy, you’d have been laughed at; and yet today, many campaigns have blogs, and some candidates (Howard Dean, John Edwards, and Dennis Kucinich, to name a few) are posting directly to those blogs, rather than having staff members do it for them. Remember back in the 90s when we all used to be abuzz about “disintermediation”? Hey, in this case, it actually happened!

So, if Wes Clark is kicking back against micropolitics — and I hope he’s not, it’d be a shame — I suggest he’s wasting his energy. His Web site isn’t encouraging, though: it would appear that Clark has a “100 Year Vision”, but what he does not have, alas, is a blog.

Posted by Jason Lefkowitz at September 25, 2003

Clark does not impress me, nearly as much as Dean. Clark's statements are weak and predictable. I don't believe he would help americans and the world as much as Dean. Futhermore, I have no faith that the political system can preserve security in the long-term. Not without radical social change.

I don't why americans think a strong military leader will save them. I don't like how Clark is trying to close down websites. How would Clark protect the physical environment? For that matter how can Dean change the physical fact that the US economy must the reduced to preserve the environment?

Posted by: ABliss on September 27, 2003 9:16 AM

ABliss, completely agreed. I am not sure who is behind Clark and why yet, but somebody is behind him, and they are most likely up to no good. And I agree that it is a shame that they refuse to embrace the grassroots movement that has been out there for months raising money for him and creating awareness. It is surprising, in light of how successful this approach has been for Dean, and it is further evidence to me that Wesley Clark did not just wake up one day and decide to run on his own, that somebody is pushing him, most likely someone who for whatever reason wants to see another 4 years of Bush.

Make this a September to Remember

Posted by: Laura in DC on September 29, 2003 3:02 PM
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